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Water Procurement

Find the best water deal on the market and reduce your admin and costs by outsourcing your water procurement

The UK water market has opened up with the goal of promoting competition between suppliers and dissipating regional monopolies. Your business can now take advantage of this competitive marketplace and its varying prices and contract options, which provides more ways for you to reduce your water consumption bills.

Water suppliers are now offering improved services and competitive usage rates to attract your business, and you can tender a contract from a range of suppliers instead of being limited to a single vendor.

By outsourcing your water procurement, you’ll gain:

  • A reduction in paper invoices, billing mistakes, and disconnection notices
  • Reduced administrative interference, and getting more time back into your workday as we handle your energy procurement, contract tendering, and relationship with your chosen supplier
  • The satisfaction that disconnection or service errors are not likely to impact the supply of an essential business utility
  • Data assurance and greater insight into cost savings opportunities and less water consumption;
  • Bespoke service agreements that are optimised to your business and budget with our flexible pricing.

Fully Outsourced Contract Tendering

We ensure businesses have the opportunity to choose the most suitable supply contract for their needs, helping them reduce their costs based on their usage. With the deregulation of the English and Scottish water market (which can also service Welsh account via single billing), you can benefit from working with an energy expert to procure you the best water supply contract.

Leave the entire contract tender process in capable hands. We operate independently and without bias to a range of suppliers with our impartial and objective tendering process.

Our review of water supply contracts will compare:

  • Overall quality
  • Cost and competitiveness
  • Supplier structure and processes
  • Future development of offering
  • Ongoing management of supply contract.

Choose the right water procurement strategy for your business


Self-supply is an option worth exploring for larger consumers. A self-supply licence allows you to remove the ‘middle man,’ so you can remove this expense from your water bills whilst achieving more efficient management of your water assets. You’ll become your own water supplier as you pay the wholesale price directly to the company that provides water to you, without paying for the service of yet another vendor.

Switching Suppliers

If you’re dissatisfied with your current water vendor, you’ll be pleased to learn that switching to a more cost-effective supplier can result in the following benefits:

  • Up to 25% reduction on utility bill costs
  • Streamlined billing for multi-site businesses that consolidate their water bills
  • Improved supplier service since the opening of the market
  • Time back to focus on running your business, as we handle the entire contract tendering process on your behalf.

Why Choose PES?

Water Consultants

Our water consultants are experienced in the latest legislation, range of competition between suppliers, and environmental responsibilities. Our in-depth understanding of water charges, as well as the close relationships we’ve nurtured with all UK suppliers, allows us to deliver on your requirements of procuring the best supply contract for your business needs.

In-House Technology to Reduce Water Consumption

We use in-house technologies to discover a unique system of data that identifies water consumption inconsistencies. Using this data, our engineers will conduct site surveys and audits, working with our suppliers to provide a strategy to reduce any wasteful water usage.

Additionally, we will perform tariff analysis, check effluent assessments, and the accuracy of your surface water charges.

Find the best water deal for your business by speaking to one of our energy consultants

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