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Who We Are

Control your energy and utility budget with the UK’s most transparent commercial energy consultants

Professional Energy Services (PES) – UK Commerical Energy Consultants

Professional Energy Services Limited (PES) is one of the longest established commercial energy consultants in the UK.

We provide end-to-end energy and utility management services for organisations and businesses and have a diverse team of energy brokers and consultants to meet your needs.

Operating for over 20 years with experience of supporting a range of clients from UK household brands to SMEs, our team has the knowledge to help successfully control costs, improve your margins, meet regulatory compliance and follow the latest government carbon legalisation. We are the driving force behind many organisations as they look to fulfil their sustainability goals and reduce their carbon footprint and reach net zero.

We help our clients procure the most competitive energy contracts for their business and couple this with pioneering technology to provide ongoing visibility and reporting to enable further cost savings.

What Makes Us Unique?


PES are commitment to fair and transparent business practices has earned the respect and loyalty of many businesses across the globe

Energy Management Software

All in one industry-leading software for energy reporting and consumption analysis


Cost-efficient energy solutions with some of the lowest energy broker margins on the market


PES is known for continued excellence, quality, professionalism, flexibility, and pioneering approach which is reflected in the many industry nominations year after year:

    • Energy Awards 2015 nomination: Consultancy of the Year
    • TELCA Awards 2016 nomination: Consultancy of the Year
    • TELCA Awards 2017 shortlist: Consultant of Tomorrow
    • TELCA Awards 2017 winner: Industry Expert of the Year
    • Energy Awards 2018 nomination: Consultancy of the Year
    • TELCA Awards 2018 shortlist: Most Trusted Consultancy I&C
    • TELCA Awards 2022 shortlist: Most Trusted Consultancy I&C
    • TELCA Awards 2023 shortlist: Consultancy of the Year (I&C)

Meet the team:

Alex Dovey

Alex Dovey

Commercial Director

Alex Dovey has been running the company since 2013 and acquired the business from the Australian parent company.

Alex now oversees the commercial and strategic development of the business.

Barbara Dovey

Barbara Dovey

Operations Director

Barbara Dovey joined the PES in 2014 and now runs the operational and analytics teams. Barbara has won many industry accolades including “Industry Expert”.

Krys Lange

Krys Lange

Service Delivery Manager

Krys Lange has joined the company in 2018 and has been in a managerial position for more than 2 years. Krys oversees the billing analysts group, key account administrators, changes of tenancy specialists and has a background in IT which helps him develop and improve software for our clients in real time based on their actual needs and requirements.

Klara Allen

Klara Allen

COT Coordinator

Klara Allen been heading our COT department for more than a year. She is responsible for the closure and opening of new premises in our client’s site portfolios and works with energy suppliers on behalf of our clients to resolve COT queries.

Sandra Svede

Sandra Svede

Billing Analyst I&C

Sandra Svede has over 10 years experience in the energy industry and has been at PES since 2022. Sandra originally joined PES as an invoice validation manager overseeing a team of multisite invoice validation specialists. Since then Sandra has progressed to Bill Analyst I&C and is responsible for overseeing all invoice queries across our portfolio of clients, with most of our clients having over 300 sites, Sandra brings a wealth of project management and attention to detail to our energy bill validation services.

Viera Vovanikova

Viera Vovanikova

Accounting Manager

Viera Vovanikova joined PES in 2023 and manages client relationships, ensuring tailored energy solutions align with operational needs and sustainability goals. Viera negotiate contracts, provide market insights, and serve as the primary liaison between clients and internal teams to enhance satisfaction and retention.

Gigi Chau

Gigi Chau

Reporting & Tendering Analyst

Gigi Chau joined PES in 2023 and is responsible for gathering, analyzing, and presenting data to support decision-making within our client’s organizations. She compiles data from various sources – invoices, HH data, online portals etc, and transforms them into meaningful insights and creates reports and dashboards that communicate key findings. Gigi plays a crucial role in helping our clients understand their performance, identify trends, and make informed strategic decisions in regards to their energy consumption and expenditure.

Brandon Yau

Brandon Yau

Tendering Analyst
Brandon Yau has a background in business analytics and works in the Analysis department at PES. As a Pricing Analyst, Brandon plays a crucial role in helping our clients make informed pricing decisions that drive revenue growth, maintain competitiveness, and enhance profitability in the marketplace. Brandon is famous for his strong analytical skills, business acumen, and the ability to translate data into actionable insights.
Liam Roberts

Liam Roberts

Account Manager

Liam Roberts joined PES in 2023 and as an Account Manager oversees clients from a commercial and relationship perspective. Liam has great industry knowledge from his experience working at Shell Energy prior to joining PES. This experience and connections within the industry help Liam resolve any customer queries in a timely manner as well as organize his team to more than satisfactory results. 

Syeda Batool

Syeda Batool

Finance Manager

Syeda Batool joined PES in 2021 and oversees the financial operations, ensuring compliance and strategic financial planning. In addition, Syeda handles is responsible for all financial activities including the day-to-day accounts billable and invoicing. 

Providing you with energy solutions that are more than just procuring the best deal

What do Commerical Energy Consultants do?

Energy consultancy is more than just finding the cheapest energy tariff. At Professional Energy Services, we understand the ever-changing landscape of the energy market. With new governmental legalisation, businesses looking to improve their corporate social responsibility and setting decarbonisation goals, energy procurement isn’t just about the cheapest deal anymore, it’s also considering greener energy options, the requirement for more efficient use of your utilities and being able to report and visualise every amount of consumption is critical and requires the implementation of smart technologies to enable your goals.

Our commercial energy consultants go further than just helping you choose the best business energy contract.  We work with you to meet your renewable goals, improve your energy and utility efficiency, and provide you with pioneering technology to gain ongoing cost savings and monitor all consumption.

Ensure you’re making smart decisions to benefit your business energy goals and speak with an energy consultant.

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