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Increase your profit by reducing your energy costs

Manage your energy efficiently with the
UK’s most transparent Energy Consultancy Company

How can we help your business?

Reduce your Businesses Operating Costs

As one of the longest standing energy consulting companies in the UK, you can trust we’ll find the best deal for you. We compare the business energy suppliers in the market and find you the best deal based on your energy consumption and company size.

Reducing your operating costs is one of the best ways to improve your company’s profit. When you outsource your energy management you can get back to running your company, instead of spending your time reviewing utility contracts and tariffs yourself.

Take Control of Your Energy Spend

It’s important to understand your business energy bill. with all the hidden fees, sudden price increases and potential agreement changes, do you really know what you are paying for?

Stop worrying about your energy bills and gain the peace of mind that you are on the best deal possible.

By working with Professional Energy Services, you’ll know exactly where your money is going. We make sure you’re always on top of your supplier, so you never overpay. We validate all your invoices and make ongoing savings possible with our energy management software.

We do more than just reduce your energy bill

Professional Energy Services do more than just reducing energy bills. Our business energy consultants have the right service for your business based on your needs.

Energy Procurement

Reduce your costs by ensuring you get the best energy contract possible based on your consumption and company size

carbon management services

Carbon Management

Reach your carbon net-zero goals by ensuring your energy compliance is in order with the latest legislation

energy bill validation

Energy Bill Validation

With the forensic analysis of your energy invoicing save monthly on your energy bills.

energy metering services


Manage your installations and disconnections through a fully managed and maintained metering service

energy reporting


Gain full visibility and control of your organisations utilities through bespoke reporting and online energy management tools

Understand your energy consumption and costs our Insight Portal

Stay on top of your consumption with our online energy management software. You’ll gain access to:

  • Real-time energy reports
  • The ability to manage and store all your agreements and contracts
  • Site portfolio and interactive site information
  • Site meter readings
  • Consumption and carbon usage
  • All your energy costs
  • Energy market and trading opportunities

3 Steps to finding the best energy deal for you

Reach out to PES with your existing energy spend and rates

We analyze your current contracts and consumption to find the best deal for your needs

You select the deal and let us provide continual oversight as you save throughout the year with zero hassle

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