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Business Energy Bill Validation Service

Ensure your energy bills are correct and your business is not being overcharged by your supplier

Understanding business utility bills has never been straightforward. Utility contracts are often complex with different rates and unit charges. It pays to check that there are no errors and ensure accurate data on your utility bill to potentially reduce your energy costs.

Bill Validation Service

Professional Energy Services (PES) will review your past, current and future energy bills to make sure that you are being charged correctly.

As part of our bill validation service, we will work with your supplier to resolve any billing discrepancies and recover the costs if it’s discovered you have overpaid.

With the cost of energy only making up 40% of your unit rate on your utility bill, it is important to have a trusted partner guide you through the complex myriad of charges such as network charges, subsidies and other tariffs, and ensure that these are applied correctly in your billing.

Why PES?

At Professional Energy Services we forensically review all your invoices while understanding your consumption across every site and meter, no matter the size of your business portfolio. We work tirelessly to get any error rectified, so that you can focus on running your business.

As part of our bill validation service, we analyse all types of business energy contracts and our software can read both electronic and paper bills in various formats.

Our bill validation process includes the following:

Bill Validation Software

Our in-house coded bill validation system automatically scans over 72 billing elements. Using your meters and energy consumption a typical usage pattern is discovered. We then put in place automated checks which help identify consumption anomalies against your usual behavior plus any variances in price against your contracted prices and terms and conditions.

Pre-Payment Energy Bill Validation

Invoices are reviewed within 5 working days and before their due date to make sure any issues are discovered in a timely fashion and your supplier has plenty of time to amend the invoice.

Post-Payment Energy Bill Validation

Invoices are reviewed within 6 weeks of being received. By reviewing monthly or quarterly and liaising with your supplier if an issue is discovered it ensures a rebate or credit/debit before you pay your next invoice.

Retrospective bill validation

Look back at the past 6 years of all types of utility bills; gas, electric, and water. With a focus on any specific years or sites, you may uncover errors previously unknown and earn potential rebates on historical billing issues.

Tenant Recharging

If you are a landlord, our tenant energy recharging service can help you recoup costs from your tenants.

Bespoke Energy Reporting

You will receive a full report of any billing errors and the actions taken to resolve such issues with your supplier on a monthly basis. Every six months you will be provided with a validation report detailing how much energy and money has been successfully contested and saved. We also offer bespoke reports tailored to your needs.

Challenge suppliers on your behalf

Where errors are found your account manager will raise any queries directly with your energy supplier on your behalf.

What we check

Our full invoice checks cover the following:

  • Unit rates and charges
  • Published rates and charges (DuoS, DUoS losses and water)
  • Flexible charging
  • Transportation charges (gas)
  • Triad charges
  • MPANs/voltages
  • Billing dates
  • Billing status of all sites
  • Missing invoices investigation
  • Meter reading accuracy using half-hourly data (HHD)
  • Frequency of actual/estimated meter readings
  • Taxation


What is Energy Bill Validation?

Energy bill validation is the process of checking your energy bills to ensure that you are being charged the correct amount. This can be a complex task, as energy tariffs and charges are constantly changing.

Why is Energy Bill Validation Important?

A study of the UK energy market revealed that as many as one in five business energy invoices are incorrect. Surplus charges are often by hundreds or even thousands of pounds and it is estimated that businesses in the UK are overpaying for their energy by £1.6 billion every year.

Consistently auditing and validating your bills is key for any business, regardless of size. This helps to guarantee that you’re only being charged for the energy you actually use.

Who is most at risk of an incorrect bill?

Companies with many locations are often at risk of overpaying because the margin for errors on bills increases as more meter readings are required.

Companies switching suppliers can lead to inaccurate data and the final consumption data is often estimated instead of an actual reading at the end of the contract. Some businesses are only having an actual meter reading once a year which can lead to errors.

Validate your energy bill and discover if your business is being invoiced correctly

Validate your business energy bill