Energy Procurement Services

Get the best utility deals suited for your business to save you time and money

Utilities and energy procurement can take up a significant amount of time as you search for the best deals, and understanding the small print within energy contracts can be confusing.


There are many different types of energy contract available to businesses across the UK. Ensuring you get the best deal based on your energy consumption and predicted usage is vital in reducing your energy costs.


At PES we will find you the right energy contract as we work with you to understand your requirements, business infrastructure, attitude to risk, and then negotiate with lead suppliers on your behalf. We run a full national tender across all vetted suppliers, creating a competitive environment that ensures you maximise the value you get out of the marketplace and right energy contract for your business. This may range from fully fixed products to flexibly bought energy.

Fixed Contracts

A fixed contract is a traditional contract that allows you to fix all your energy charges for the long-term and secures all of your commodity and non-commodity costs.


  • Budget certainty
  • Protection against third-party costs
  • Protection against large market swings
  • Simple billing
  • Less management time needed

Flexible Contracts

A Flexible contract enables you to take multiple positions in the market, allowing you to manage your position actively and take advantage of any downward trends.


  • Multiple buying opportunities
  • Greater transparency
  • The possibility of selling back
  • Take advantage of a falling market
  • Ability to re-forecast volume

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