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Energy Metering Solutions

Monitor your energy with reliable metering

Manage and maintain your sites through an independent metering agreement. Our metering solutions include:


Meter Installations

Meter Removals

Meter Capping

Meter Readings

Data Collections

Smart  Metering


Automatic Updates

Your meters will be automatically updated to the latest in metering technology and read automatically through “automated meter reading” devices ensuring greater accuracy of bills and enabling you to save money through accurate consumption reporting.

Full Transparency and Control

Most people do not realise that their suppliers charge them for metering on top of standard contract charges. This is done as at a premium and is passed on by the energy supplier. By having a direct metering agreement you are able to negotiate a better metering rate, have full control and ownership of your energy data and have peace of mind through the 4hour fault fix turnaround offered by direct metering companies.

Professional Energy Services have agreements with the most established metering companies throughout Europe and can specify a bespoke contract to your needs and leverage our position within the market-place to provide you savings on your current arrangements. 

Monitor your energy with reliable metering and speak to an energy consultant to discover the best metering solution for your business.

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