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Energy Contract Tendering

Put your energy supply contract out to tender and select the best option suited to your level of consumption and attitude to risk

Making a decision on the best energy deal from different suppliers is not always easy. With multiple daily rates and different tariffs, it is important to understand the different business energy supply contracts on the market. At PES our business energy consultants will work with you to understand your level of consumption, your perception of risk and which type of business energy contract suits your business. By making a decision independent of any suppliers, and using our market analysis and negotiation expertise to approach the market at the best time, we can advise on how you can save the most throughout the year.

Our energy supply contract tendering services include:

  • The full range of utilities across electricity, gas and water
  • An energy audit where we analyse your current and predicted usage and calculate your energy supply requirements and agree a tendering plan
  • Market analysis as we closely monitor all wholesale energy market drivers and prices to calculate the best time to enter the market
  • Invitation to Tenders (ITTs) to an agreed range of preferred suppliers that met your selection criteria and include any requirements you may have such as green energy, AMR, payment terms and specific contract clauses.
  • Supply contract analysis for every contract received on all ITTs issued which includes a breakdown of contract terms, price transparency and T&Cs.
  • Custom T&Cs on your chosen contract that deliver efficiencies to your operational costs.

      Unsure of the right energy contract for your business? Speak to one of our energy consultants to help you select the best contract suited to your needs.

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